Early Warning

The greatness of a coming event may be depicted by how early it is announced before it happens. If it is a small event, so that the consequences of the event arriving unannounced are trivial, the announcement can be delayed till the event is quite close. But if it is a major event, so that the dangers of meeting the event unprepared are grievous, then the announcement must be made well in advance. For example, I can wait till a few days to tell my friends I have a birthday next week, but if it is a national event like a presidential election, the announcement begins a year earlier. Similarly, a bicycle can wait till a few yards before ringing the bell to warn off pedestrians, but a train blows the horn while it is still miles away. So we are told that Noah took 120 years to warn the world before the great flood, because the flood was of global proportions. Now, the second coming of Christ has been announced continually for two thousand years running! That period is about ten times the period for Noah’s earth-wide flood that killed all creatures. Now after two thousand years, the second coming of Christ is still waiting to happen!


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